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IWPR-trained reporters
17 Oct 11
Young people could have a significant influence on upcoming polls – both negative and positive.
Hundreds of people demonstrate outside of the Kurdistan Democratic Party offices in Sulaimaniyah on February 17. (Photo: Sartep Osman/Metrography)
IWPR-trained reporters
18 Feb 11
Casualties rise as disgruntled locals march over poor services, unemployment and corruption.
Supporters of mutta say it protects vulnerable women from exploitation by offering them a flexible marriage contract, backed by a religious authority. (Photo: Sirwan Aziz/Metrography)
IWPR-trained reporters
23 Sep 10
Iraqis divided over whether short-term Shia marriage contracts assist or exploit vulnerable women.
US patrol takes a break at a roadside cafe in Mosul. All combat troops have since left Iraq. (Photo: Tracey Shelton)
IWPR-trained reporters
3 Sep 10
Views of American withdrawal coloured by political party allegiances.
Rescue workers and members of the security forces sift through the rubble of a devastating car bomb that targeted a police station in northern Baghdad on August 25. (Photo: Metrography)
IWPR-trained reporters
27 Aug 10
Violence expected to continue as US troops withdraw and as long as political stalemate remains unresolved.
Civilians in Wardak province report that the Taleban are more in evidence than local government officials. (Photo: US Army)
IWPR-trained reporters
26 Aug 10
Insurgents reportedly in control outside urban centres.
American troops inspect a Marja bazaar. (Photo: D. Myles Cullen, Courtesy of U.S. Army)
IWPR-trained reporters
30 Jul 10
Officials downplay local concerns that Taleban are growing in strength and may retake crucial area of Helmand.
Villages such as this in Herat province have increasingly been infiltrated by the Taleban. (Photo:  Marius Arnesen)
IWPR-trained reporters
27 Jul 10
Afghan officials claim American troops did not consult them over new village defence force in western region.
The city of Najaf, one of the holiest in Shia Islam and home to Iraq’s powerful Shia religious leadership, which has been shaken by a sex scandal.  (Photo: Jamal Penjweny)
IWPR-trained reporters
4 Jul 10
Videos allegedly showing senior cleric having sex seen as blow to reputation of highest Shia religious body.
Residents and officials maintain the garbage piling up around Baghdad is both an eyesore and a potential health hazard. (Photo: Daud Salman)
IWPR-trained reporters
2 Jul 10
Municipality tries to tackle garbage crisis, but does it have the resources to do so?