The Institute for War & Peace Reporting is governed by senior journalists, specialists and business professionals. Board committees focus expertise on finance, development and other areas.

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IWPR Ambassadors, drawn from the fields of diplomacy, media and business, contribute expertise and extend IWPR’s partnerships and networks of support. All Members serve on the IWPR International Board, to provide strategic guidance, expertise, and outreach assistance.

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Anthony Borden

IWPR Executive Director

US & NL Governance Committees; Finance Committee; Nominations Committee

Sir David Bell

Former Chair, Pearson Plc and Financial Times

Chair, Int'l Board & UK Governance Committee; US & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Nominations Committee

Ian D. Highet

Managing Partner, Court Square Capital Partners

US Governance Committee

Niva Yau

Nonresident Fellow, Global China Hub, Atlantic Council

Ralph H. Isham

Founder & Managing Director, GH Venture Partners

Chair, US Governance Committee

Ramsey Walker

Senior Vice President, Jordan Park

Chair, Fundraising Committee

Richard Caplan

Professor, Int'l Relations, University of Oxford

Monitoring & Evaluation Liaison

Scott Malcomson

Int'l Security Fellow, New America; Media Fellow at Carnegie Corporation

US Governance Committee

Simon Hersom

Consultant, Value Retail Plc

Treasurer, UK & NL Governance Committees; Chair, Finance Committee; Nominations Committee

Sonya Vekstein

CFO, Int’l Science and Technology Center

Treasurer, US Governance Committee; Finance Committee

Stephen Jukes

Dean, Media School, Bournemouth University

UK Governance Committees; Security & Risk Liaison

Zoran Pajić

Visiting Professor, Department of War Studies, King’s College, London

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The IWPR International Board benefits from expertise and input from additional individuals from countries with human rights concerns. Due to risks, these names cannot be made public. 

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