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Global Voices: Latin America & the Caribbean

Highlights from IWPR’s Consortium to Support Independent Journalism in Latin America (CAPIR).

CAPIR logoIWPR beneficiaries from the Venezuelan Information Coalition, C-Informa, published a series of articles about the disinformation propagated during recent elections.

Media outlets from our investigative project in Central America collaborated in a cross-border investigation in coordination with the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Focos (El Salvador), No-Ficción (Guatemala), and ContraCorriente (Honduras) revealed how funds from a regional development bank were used to fund corrupt practices in authoritarian governments as well as  environmental destruction.

Focos also published an investigation about abuses of power and multiple acts of sexual violence committed with apparent impunity by a navy captain in the port of Puerto El Triunfo.

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