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Highlights from IWPR’s Consortium to Support Independent Journalism in Latin America (CAPIR).

News outlet Gato Encerrado revealed how El Salvador’s new interim president Claudia Juana Rodríguez de Guevara had received irregular payments from the city of San Salvador when her political ally and former leader Nayib Bukele served as mayor there. The story, the latest in a series of opaque dealings that have emerged between Bukele and the person he nominated to run the country as he seeks reelection, sparked a huge reaction on social media and was quoted in the local and international press.

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The Venezuelan Coalition to counter disinformation, C-Informa, published an investigation showing the extent of gender disinformation in the race to elect an opposition candidate for the presidency. Their story demonstrated how the three women in the primary race received 70 per cent of the disinformation attacks.

An investigation supported by our grants revealed how the Colombian paramilitary group ELN has taken total control of Venezuelan communities in the border provinces of Táchira and Apure. The group, linked to drug trafficking and illegal mining, has replaced government services - and even controls local churches - using violence, fear and humilliation.

Meanwhile, CAPIR beneficiary Poplab published an article showing how the government of the Mexican state of Guanajuato has financed the church to run social programmes with no requirements for accountability despite several cases of sexual abuse and violence against women and children and attempts to evangelise vulnerable populations in what are legally mandated secular activities.

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