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23 Jan 03
Georgia's pledge to allow the return of Meskhetian Turks has provoked widespread public opposition.
21 Nov 02
Concern over relations with Moscow prompts the Kazak authorities to turn away Chechens asking to return to a former place of exile
21 Nov 02
The citrus fruit trade is the main means of survival for the Abkhaz since they broke away from Georgia.
7 Nov 02
Ingush uprooted by war with North Ossetia sceptical that new cooperation accord between the two republics will enable them to return.
31 Oct 02
Baku closes a Chechen envoy's office while Tbilisi fears a new Russian backlash.
7 Oct 02
Bucharest, Belgrade and Zagreb sign up to the construction of an oil pipeline linking the Black Sea to Western Europe.
4 Oct 02
Government criticised for planning to allow a Russian energy giant to have a monopoly over the country's gas supply.
12 Sep 02
The two breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are strengthening their anti-Georgian alliance.
31 Aug 02
Ultra-nationalists who forced cancellation of war crimes photographic exhibition have little for fear from the authorities.
28 Aug 02
Bucharest hopes its firm support for US action on Iraq and strong stand against suspected extremist groups will ease its path into NATO.