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17 Nov 11
Montenegro is finding it hard to take responsibility for its role in the siege of Dubrovnik.
Serbian government building in Belgrade. (Photo: Flickr/watchsmart)
27 May 11
Politicians and state broadcaster use ex-general’s capture to show Serbia has moved on and wants to deal with past.
13 Sep 10
Former Yugoslav army officer tells court he saw both men in Knin in late 1991.
3 Sep 10
Prosecution claims General Gotovina gave orders to mask misdeeds, while defence argues he aimed to prevent crimes.
8 Mar 10
Witness denies that Bosnian Serb military depended on senior Yugoslav army officers.
2 Mar 10
Witness tells Hague that incentives were provided to encourage Serbs to go back after Operation Storm.
28 Feb 10
Prosecution witness describes role of Serbian security services during period of occupation.
28 Feb 10
Serbian nationalist politician accused of revealing details of witnesses in book.
21 Feb 10
Hague tribunal hears how Croatian in Serb village of Hrtkovci feared becoming a target.
21 Feb 10
Former Bosnian Serb leader demands documents he says will prove UN members funneled weapons to Bosnian army.