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These people, just inside Kyrgyzstan, are being handed goods which they will take over the border into Kazakstan for a fee. (Photo: IWPR)
15 Jun 15
Strategic position and porous borders makes Central Asian state ideal location for trading, and smuggling too.
12 Sep 13
Leading members Russia and China ultimately have separate interests, especially when it comes to trade and energy deals in Central Asia.
The land Tajikistan is handing over to China lies along the border in the remote Pamir plateau. (Photo: Dylan Winder/DFID)
1 Feb 11
Critics say granting land to China "unconstitutional", but consensus view is that diplomats secured best possible deal.
19 Mar 10
Cautious optimism that Saparmurat Niazov’s heirs will slowly begin moving forward towards reforms.
11 Mar 10
Closing border checkpoint to cars reflects state’s hostility to small-time importers.
2 Mar 10
New rules seem unworkable since most diplomats currently work in Russian and will find it hard to switch language.
15 Feb 10
Following its break with the US, Tashkent moves to forge ties with Russia and China.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Successive government bans on poppy production have had little impact on a deadly industry that blights lives across the world.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Religious fanatics and smugglers have over the years laid waste to Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
The legal obstacles to inviting foreign investors to complete an ambitious hydroelectric scheme have been overcome, but plenty of questions remain about the politics and economics of privatisation.


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Moslawi traditional band playing music from the 19th century. (Photo: IWPR)
Hugely popular event highlights city’s rehabilitation and recovery.