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Kazakstan's Borovoye health resort. (Photo: IWPR)
18 Jul 19
Experts say that the government is failing to develop what could be a rich and profitable sector.
In the old city of Bukhara, a man sells a traditional device for making bread. (Photo: Government tourism portal:
7 Mar 18
Tashkent wants to attract more visitors to previously isolated country.
An alcove, which used to contain a giant Buddah, lies empty in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
24 Nov 17
Visitors to famous beauty spots have more than doubled over the last year.
Khiva, a well-preserved walled town in northwest Uzbekistan. (Photo: Nargiza Ryskulova)
15 Oct 13
Visitors feel weight of state surveillance.
Holiday homes near Lake Issykkul. (Photo: Almaz Rysaliev)
IWPR Postcard
27 Aug 11
Tourist industry yet to recover from 2010 violence.
22 Apr 11
Residents of economic blackspots say they’re losing out amid efforts to attract visitors to the regions.
19 Mar 10
Despite the opening of western-style cafes in Damascus, the old coffee shops are still a favoured destination for those interested in the traditions of the old city.