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Global Voices

Tunisians take part in a protest calling on the former ruling party, the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), to withdraw from the newly formed interim government in Tunis,  January 2011. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
5 Jul 11
Workers’ organise to bring change and political progress.
Protestors at the Destiny Sit-In in Tunis, calling for further reforms to safeguard the revolution. (Photo: tunisia-mix.com)
21 Jun 11
Trial caught country’s attention but only served as a brief diversion from the faltering reform process and economy.
1 Jun 11
End of overnight curfew seen as sign of new approach to policing as Tunisia makes halting progress.
Tunisian protesters at the height of the uprising. Many now fear that elements from the former regime are trying to sabotage the revolution. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
24 May 11
Elements of former dictator’s regime blamed for pushing for postponement to October.
Libyan refugees arriving at a transit camp in Tunisia. (Photo: UNHCR/A.Branthwaite)
23 May 11
UN worker speaks of how locals have rushed to help Libyan refugees.
Kesang Marstrand.(Photo:Samy Snoussi)
First Person
12 May 11
Artist whose song became the anthem for the uprising describes how people’s fear of expressing themselves has vanished.
Those who took part in the January uprising now feel let down by the transitional government. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
First Person
18 Apr 11
With ex-members of regime yet to be tried, an economy in trouble and a pervading sense of lawlessness, many Tunisians are voting with their feet.
Rain or shine Ramy Essam could be found entertaining the crowds in Tahrir Square. (Photo: Mohamed El-Dhashan)
11 Mar 11
Political upheaval leaves its mark on popular culture, generating new music and street art.  
Tunisian national flags fly over government buildings in the capital Tunis. (Photo: Cernavoda/Flickr)
10 Mar 11
Revolution offers unprecedented opportunities both for grassroots initiatives and for systemic reforms to policing and prisons.
Tunisians protest against members of ousted President Ben Ali's RCD party. (Photo: cjb22/Flickr)
3 Mar 11
Some want them to end so as to give the interim administration a chance, while others insist pressure must be kept up to bring about real change.