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Global Voices

4 Feb 13
Some say too little has changed since reforms were launched after 2011 revolution.
25 Jan 13
IWPR involved in organising meeting on how policing can change for the better.
Elyes Baccar, executive director of the Human Screen Festival (left), with Marwan Maalouf, IWPR's Tunisia country director. (Photo: IWPR)
6 Dec 12
Lebanese film on truth, justice and the past reverberates with issues now facing Tunisians.
15 Sep 12
Footage of police and demonstrators clashing at US embassy.
Black smoke billows out of the US embassy grounds. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
15 Sep 12
Images of September 14 violent protest at US embassy.
Protestors on the embassy walls. (Photo: Jadal News/jadal.tn)
14 Sep 12
Police disperse crowd after embassy invasion and violent clashes..
12 Sep 12
As the debate over Islam and democracy continues to dominate the political scene in Tunisia, many are worried that Islamist rhetoric will compromise the progress of women’s rights.
IWPR Insight
31 Jan 12
Revolution has proved more successful than in other countries, but it is far from over.
Demonstration by the Occupy Bardo movement in Tunis. (Photo: Amine Ghrabi/Flickr)
16 Dec 11
Activists want to hold new leaders to original aims of revolution, even as public tires of protest.
Protest against the outcome of the constitutional assembly election in Tunisia. October 25, 2011. (Photo: Freedom at Issue/Flickr)
23 Nov 11
New parliament urged not to squander achievements of spring revolution.