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Medieval Herati miniatures displayed in the exhibition. (Photo: Sodaba Ahrari)
15 Jan 18
Hopes that efforts will boost fortunes of local Herati art scene.
10 Oct 17
A popular folklore tradition is being celebrated once again.
Heating the broken glass for an hour in the oven on a high temperature. (Photo:  Sonia al-Ali)
4 Jul 17
Craftsmen are committed to keep their traditional skills alive.
Restoring a mosaic in Apamea Museum. (Photo: Mohammed al-Batal)
30 Jan 17
Initiative aims to both document damage and implement restoration projects.
A village in Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan. (Photo: Seair21/Flickr)
15 Apr 16
Traditions of intermarriage and communal living prioritise strength and unity over individual choice.
Karnay musicians perform in Dushanbe on their long trumpets, which can be up to two metres long. (Photo: Bahriddin Isamutdinov)
22 Mar 16
Tajiks welcome the start of a new year with mass festivities.
The bears found the conditions they were kept in distressing. (Photo: Raffi Berberian)
25 Feb 16
Exotic beasts are often displayed in restaurants or kept by wealthy elites as a status symbol.
As part of national commemorations of the 2010 revolution and the violence that accompanied it, mourners visited the graves of relatives killed during the protests. (Photo: Igor Kovalenko)
Photo Essay
3 May 11
Images of commemorations for those killed in April 2010 violence.