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The film Macedonian, about a Bosnian soldier who refused orders to save civilians, is screened in Sarajevo. (Photo: Dzenana Halimovic)
Dzenana Halimovic, Maja Bjelajac, Maja Nikolic
29 Feb 16
Discussion groups look at how the stories can help people deal with the legacy of conflict.
Students at the Catholic Gimnasium Sveti Franjo in Tuzla discussed reconciliation. (Photo: Maja Nikolic)
Maja Nikolic, Maja Bjelajac, Dzenana Halimovic
28 Jan 16
Documentaries deal with war’s legacy as well as ways to co-exist.
Participants in a discussion after the screening of "Macedonian". (Photo: Mario Donlic)
Dzenana Halimovic, Maja Bjelajac
24 Apr 15
“No excuses for silence,” audience at film screening is told.
Screening of IWPR and Mebius film documentary "I love SFK" at Cinema City Sarajevo. (Photo: Eldar Spahic)
Dzenana Halimovic
5 Mar 15
Film follows trials and successes of mixed-ethnicity women’s football team.
Protest outside Bosnian state presidency, Sarajevo, February 17. The banner reads "Revolution is the only solution". (Photo: Midhat Poturovic)
Dzenana Halimovic
18 Feb 14
Calls for an end to poor government, corruption and illegal privatisation as popular unrest continues.
A mosque and a church in Pocitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Photo: Simon Jennings/IWPR)
Rachel Irwin, Dzenana Halimovic, Maja Bjelajac, Dražen Huterer
6 Dec 13
Politicians rush to claim triumph for their own particular group, even though census data on ethnicity hasn’t come out yet.

Hasan Jusovic (right) and Aco Nenadic (second from left). (Photo courtesy of Hasan Jusovic.)
Dzenana Halimovic
22 Apr 13
How a Bosniak soldier found himself captor of a Serb who had helped him, and went the extra mile to return the favour.
Dzenana Halimovic
4 May 12
Defence team argued for more preparation time.
Richard Butler, prosecution witness in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Dzenana Halimovic
20 Apr 12
Witness analyses Bosnian Serb army operations and plight of Bosniak prisoners.
Amor Masovic, prosecution witness in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
Dzenana Halimovic
16 Apr 12
Expert describes identification process used for human remains in graves around Srebrenica.