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Christian centre of Jehovah's Witnesses in Almaty, Kazakstan. (Photo:
Andrei Grishin
24 Sep 18
New law aims to increase state oversight on some religious minorities.
Kazakstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev (L) shakes hand with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a signing ceremony on June 7, 2018, Beijing, China. (Photo: Greg Baker-Pool/Getty Images)
Andrei Grishin
1 Aug 18
Ever-tighter links appear to be alarming some ordinary citizens.
Police detain an opposition activist during recent protests in Kazakstan. (Photo: Inga Imanbay)
Andrei Grishin
24 May 18
The authorities appear to be weighing their response as to how best reign in dissent.
Andrei Grishin
4 Dec 15
Attempts to block or amend contentious bill come to nothing.
Andrei Grishin
22 Nov 14
Ambition to host Winter Olympics could deter government from copying Moscow’s homophobic law.
Alexander Kharlamov. (Photo: A. Kharlamov's page on Moy Mir)
Andrei Grishin
3 May 13
Concerns that hate speech laws are being used to silence anti-corruption campaigner and other government critics.
Akjanat Aminov, Serik Sapargali and Vladimir Kozlov (left to right) in court. (Photo: Facebook group in support of Kozlov and others)
Andrei Grishin
28 Aug 12
Prosecutors accuse three defendants of plotting against state, though little solid evidence has been presented.
This Almaty man was prevented from carrying out his threat to set fire to himself in 2009. He was protesting against an eviction order, and later won the right to keep his home. (Photo: Andrei Grishin)
Andrei Grishin
7 Oct 11
People set themselves on fire in extreme and very public form of protest.
A protester holds up pictures of union lawyer Natalia Sokolova and trade unionist Akjanat Aminov, both convicted after taking part in strikes. (Photo: Ayman Kurmanov)
Andrei Grishin
28 Aug 11
Recent trials of labour activists unlikely to deter further protests but certain to increase resentment.
Andrei Grishin
11 Mar 11
Image-conscious government avoids labelling critics as mentally unstable, but police in provinces still use forcible committal as threat.