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Anaid Gogoryan

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Long-discussed road to Abkhazia would cross from Russia into the Kodor Gorge. (Photo: Ibragim Chkadua)
Anaid Gogoryan
20 Aug 12
President talks of protecting nature, but road project is all about politics and economics.
Voting in Abkhazia’s parliamentary election, March 2012. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
30 Mar 12
Most of new crop of legislators don’t come from either opposition or pro-government parties.
Campaign poster for the March 10 parliamentary election in Abkhazia. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
2 Mar 12
President Ankvab escaped unscathed from the latest in a series of attempts to kill him.
Anaid Gogoryan
2 Sep 11
President Alexander Ankvab likely to seek continuity, though some fear more authoritarian style.
Funeral procession held in Abkhazia for the late president Sergei Bagapsh. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
6 Jun 11
With no clear front-runner in sight yet, any successor to the late President Bagapsh faces task of promoting Abkhazian interests in close but unequal relationship with Moscow.
A policewoman at a protest in Abkhazia. Few women make it into senior posts in government institutions. (Photo: Oliver Bullough)
Anaid Gogoryan
18 Mar 11
Four women in parliament “not an achievement, but a disgrace”, says leading member.
Sergei Stepashin, head of Russia's audit chamber (left) with Nugzar Ashuba, speaker of the Abkhazian parliament. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
29 Jan 11
Russian audit chief finds no wrongdoing in Abkhazia’s use of development funds, but notes millions of dollars have yet to be accounted for.
Memorial to the Abkhaz exodus,.(Photo: Ruslan Tarba)
Anaid Gogoryan
12 Nov 10
Government tries to encourage descendents of 19th century emigrants to come home.
Anaid Gogoryan
22 Jul 10
After poor showing in elections last year, it seeks to present a united front.
Anaid Gogoryan
19 Jul 10
State broadcaster rejects accusations it backs government line.