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Two women stand outside a store in Sukhum (also known as Sukhumi). (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
21 May 20
Quick action may have saved territory from being harder hit by the virus.
Peaceful protest in front of the parliament of the breakaway Abkhazia. Mizan Zukhba and Teimuraz Khishba, leaders of the opposition party Amtsakhara addressing their supporters. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan/IWPR)
Anaid Gogoryan
26 Jun 19
Analysts say that controversial delay reflects a far deeper crisis.
Lawmakers attend a meeting of parliament. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
8 Mar 16
Fears that prohibitions will lead women to seek illegal procedures that could be extremely dangerous.
Anaid Gogoryan
20 Jan 15
Some economists say that being so tightly tied into the Russian economy could actually mitigate some of the worst effects.
Raul Khajimba, Abkhazia''s new president. (Photo: Ibragim Chkadua)
Anaid Gogoryan
24 Sep 14
Raul Khajimba has committed himself to reforming the way Abkhazia is governed.
Protests in Abkhazia have forced the president to step down. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
10 Jun 14
As opposition considers whether to field one candidate or several, many Abkhaz are alarmed at the precedent set by ousting leaders, even unpopular ones.
Anaid Gogoryan
10 Apr 14
Critics of an already cautious scheme warn that allowing outsiders to buy homes carries unseen risks.
Armenia's rail network provides passenger and freight services as far as Georgia's Black Sea ports. (Photo: Nazik Armenakian)
Anaid Gogoryan, Nino Gerzmava, Tigran Hovhannisyan
17 Jun 13
Despite clear benefits, reopening the route would be fraught with problems.
Natella Akaba, head of the Association of Women of Abkhazia. (Photo: Anaid Gogoryan)
Anaid Gogoryan
8 Dec 12
Activists date emergence of widespread problems to the conflict of the early 1990s.
Anaid Gogoryan, Elena Lolula, Marianna Kotova
24 Nov 12
Traditional expectations create glass ceiling for female leaders.