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Ainagul Abdrakhmanova

Ainagul Abdrakhmanova

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Kyrgyz government building in Bishkek. Photo by Nurlan Abdaliev, IWPR.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Timur Toktonaliev
8 Apr 10
Defiance comes as interim government announces plans for presidential election after bloody revolt.
Timur Toktonaliev, Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
7 Apr 10
Thousands besiege president’s office as anger over spiralling prices explodes into political violence.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
2 Apr 10
Poor people to be cushioned against price rises, but authorities insist everyone else must pay realistic share of energy costs. By Ainagul Abdrakhmanova in Bishkek
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Aida Kasymalieva, Inga Sikorskaya, Anara Yusupova
18 Nov 09
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has relocated next door to Tajikistan, though analysts doubt it will move back into Central Asia.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
3 Nov 09
Western diplomats join OSCE and rights activists in questioning judge’s decision that trial was sound.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
26 Oct 09
Analysts are sceptical that new institutions will make for more democratic decision-making.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
10 Jul 09
Porous border makes country's south vulnerable to incursions, experts say.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
1 Jul 09
Population loss has serious implications for Kyrgyzstan’s future, say experts.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
20 Nov 05
An electoral commission decree prevents Kyrgyz migrants voting outside the country in upcoming ballot.
Ainagul Abdrakhmanova
20 Nov 05
Interim authorities in Bishkek say there’s a possibility that hundreds of Uzbeks who fled into Kyrgyzstan in the last few days may be sent home.