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Global Voices

6 Sep 05
Romanians voters rally to fend off ultra-nationalist's presidential challenge.
6 Sep 05
Balkan politicians hail establishment of diplomatic relations between Yugoslavia and Bosnia as an historic move towards regional stability.
6 Sep 05
The Democratic Opposition of Serbia is on course for a momentous landslide victory in this weekend's general election.
18 Aug 05
Serbs are hesitating over whether to accept a scheme they say is ungenerous.
2 Aug 05
Shift to a flat tax rate should boost investment and help win control of the huge grey economy.
2 Aug 05
Growth of a real opposition force in Kosovo could provide much-needed shot in the arm for territory’s limp democracy.
2 Aug 05
Young men are opting for alternatives to military service, but not everyone is happy with this breach of Serbian tradition.
2 Aug 05
Though very small in number, Serbia’s Jewish community is being increasingly targeted by an array of ultra-nationalist groups.
14 Jul 05
After getting their fingers burned in pyramid schemes and other frauds, Bulgarians are losing their fear of the stock market.
21 Feb 05
The former Iraqi president may have been reviled by the international community, but he won the admiration of millions of economic migrants.