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30 Apr 12
Widespread concerns that under-resourced local government and police are not doing enough on child protection.
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon inspects Burundian troops in recognition of the country's contribution to the African Union Mission in Somalia. Uganda and Burundi are the only countries to have provided troops for the peacekeeping force in Somalia. (Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)
8 Sep 10
Kampala bombing raises questions about wisdom of sending Ugandan troops to keep peace in Somalia.
24 Nov 09
Few believe assurances that fraud and incompetence are being tackled.
14 Jul 08
They hope their backing for Baghdad will help stabilise the country and curb Tehran.
9 Jun 07
Overpriced housing and expensive mortgages could drive home-buyers out of the market, causing a major slowdown if not collapse of the real-estate sector.
24 Mar 06
Being put on a par with Africa’s poorest countries is seen as an affront by many in Kyrgyzstan, but the government may have no other way of managing its debt problems.
9 Mar 06
Human rights conditions in Iraq remains dire, says Amnesty International report.
20 Nov 05
Pro-presidential party remains an administrative tool for President Rahmonov rather than a strong ideological voice.
20 Nov 05
Official claims that Business Bank was liquidated for violating laws are being challenged.
20 Nov 05
Wave of violence as ordinary people dispense their own brand of justice against wealthy politicians.