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The Otobaia-Orsantia Bridge, where Otar Jobava's corpse was found. (Photo: Tamuna Shonia)
16 Sep 20
With the checkpoint closed, some residents of Abkhazia are risking their lives to access services.
(Illustration by Baleria Mena)
2 Sep 20
Low state pensions mean that older people risk exposure to the virus to make ends meet.
25 Aug 20
Activist groups struggle to overcome lack of legislation or state support.
12 Aug 20
Officials obscure systemic failings – aided by an uncritical media.
Ashot Melikyan, Head of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression. (Photo: Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression)
6 Aug 20
Disinformation – sometimes spread by medical experts - has become a serious public health threat.
4 Aug 20
Supporters say they will continue to fight for his case to be reopened.
31 Jul 20
While Havana sends help abroad, medical staff at home are overburdened and under-resourced.
29 Jul 20
Analysts say the Kremlin is trying to highlight the West’s apparent failure to help its allies.
President Dodon met with the head of Moldovan Metropolitan Church, Vladimir on 15 July 2020. (Photo:
28 Jul 20
Religious institutions appear to amplify Russian propaganda as crisis mounts.
Project Highlight
18 Jul 20
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