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 Nefta, an oasis town close to Tunisia's western border with Algeria. (Photo: Tico/Wikimedia Commons)
Mohamed Chaouki Ben Hassan
29 Nov 13
Customs service lacks the manpower, vehicles and helicopters it would need to stem the flow of consumer goods, arms and drugs.
Samir Nefzi
21 Nov 13
Homegrown marijuana on the illicit market alongside narcotics imported by trafficking networks.
Ahlem Tamraoui
11 Oct 13
Officials deny that medical error is common and insist legal methods of redress are working.
Moez Hrizi
10 Oct 13
Fears of violence mean foreigners stay away, and lack of cash slows recovery.
Portrait of a man from Sidi Bouzid who lives off the scraps people at the city market offer him. (Photo: Aymen Hamdi)
IWPR Tunisia
25 Sep 13
Pictures show daily life in all its colours.
Protesters in El Reqab, central Tunisia, hold a picture of murdered politician Mohamed Brahmi. July 25, 2013.  (Photo: Mohammed Jelali)
Nabil Khoury
26 Jul 13
Recriminations fly as governing Ennahda party condemns assassination while opponents suggest it had a hand in it.
Mourner at Chokri Belaid's funeral, February 8. (Photo: Rabii Kalboussi)
Megan Radford
22 Feb 13
Ennahda picks one of its own to take over prime minister’s post after dismissing plan for a non-partisan government to see country through crisis.
The late Chokri Belaid, pictured in October 2012. (Photo: Amine Ghrabi/Flickr)
Megan Radford
7 Feb 13
As politicians argue about what to do next, Tunisians take to the streets in scenes reminiscent of spring 2011.
Megan Radford
4 Feb 13
Some say too little has changed since reforms were launched after 2011 revolution.
IWPR Tunisia
25 Jan 13
IWPR involved in organising meeting on how policing can change for the better.