Katya Laba (2nd from right), IWPR's Ukraine Project Manager, presenting the project at the Ukrainian Investigative Journalists Conference 2021.
Katya Laba (2nd from right), IWPR's Ukraine Project Manager, presenting the project at the Ukrainian Investigative Journalists Conference 2021.


Boosting Investigative Journalism in Ukraine

Years active: 2021-present

The Boosting Investigative Journalism Outlets Across Ukraine project aims to improve the transparency and accountability of government decision making and spending, by increasing the impact and sustainability of regional independent media outside Kyiv and citizens’ access to balanced, factual and reliable information.

The project has three key objectives, through which IWPR will:

  1. Provide targeted and tailored institutional development and financial support for a total of 12 Investigative Journalism Outlets (IJOs) and watchdog civil society organisations (CSOs) outside Kyiv;
  2. Build the investigative reporting skills of early-mid career journalists via editorial mentoring and support to investigative reporting on socially relevant topics;
  3. Facilitate knowledge exchange, lesson learning and increased collaboration between regional media and civil society watchdog organisations, through wider sectoral engagement.

As a result of the project, the following results and impacts are expected:

  • 12 regional, independent IJOs and CSOs will have increased capacity and expertise in: internal governance and organisation, quality content production, audience engagement and reach, partnerships and funding diversification, leading to greater editorial and financial sustainability and impact; 
  • A network of lawyers working for IJOs and CSOs will be strengthened to provide ongoing support to media and civil society groups; and over 150 civil society activists, journalists and lawyers will benefit from shared knowledge and best practice, and increased collaboration leading to greater resilience from threats;
  • At least 35 investigations conducted by 12 IJOs and CSOs in the target regions, leading to increased public oversight of and involvement in local development issues and greater transparency and accountability of local government decision making and spending;
  • Training of Trainers programme for 12 media practitioners of regional IJOs and CSOs, leading to greater professionalisation of independent journalism and media in Ukraine;
  • Three e-toolkits on investigative journalism best practice and innovation produced and disseminated via the IWPR Academy and RPDI’s Resource Center for Investigative Journalists, leading to sustainable resources for media professionals and activists in Ukraine and the region;
  • Ukrainian citizens within 12 target regions have increased access to high quality, impartial, and reliable information, leading to greater trust in the media and informing their ability to hold government to account.

Established in collaboration with the Regional Press Development Institute (RPDI), Ukraine, and funded by the European Union, the project builds on long-standing Norwegian supported programming in the region, and expands on IWPR’s extensive local and regional networks of independent media and civic groups.

Project funded by the European Union
European Union
In collaboration with Regional Press Development Institute (RPDI)
Regional Press Development Institute (RPDI)
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