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Susanne Fischer
23 May 11
Amani Al-Ali
26 Jan 11
Several generations of families now live in the Al-Ghuraba due to a lack of affordable housing in Tripoli, with no solution in sight.
Joudy Al-Asmar
26 Jan 11
Bustling cinemas were once a central part of Tripoli’s cultural life, but the current sorry state of the cinema scene reflects how much the city has lost its lustre.
Susanne Fischer
25 Jan 11
11 Dec 10
The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), in cooperation with its local partner, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), conducted a focus group study to analyse and evaluate young people’s perception of local government work.
Hadi Abdel-Khalek
10 Dec 10
As the largest natural reserve in Lebanon, Shouf’s Cedar Forest gets special attention from local authorities, who want to preserve its unspoilt nature while promoting it as an ecotourism destination.
Guest blogger Maya Zankoul shares her experiences of  blogging. (Photo: Susanne Fischer)
Susanne Fischer
5 Dec 10
Photos taken during IWPR's digital media workshop with Hibr.
Middle East editor and trainer Raed Rafei with members of the Sour (Tyre) reporting team. (Photo: IWPR)
Daniella Peled
27 Oct 10
IWPR project boosts youth participation in municipal life with the aim of increasing transparency and good governance.
Sahar Mansour
23 Oct 10
Adults and children in south Lebanon still suffer the psychological effects of the devastating 2006 conflict.
Nour Al-Hoda Afyouni
22 Oct 10
Residents of poor Tripoli neighbourhoods display election posters despite municipal ban and an apparent lack of political interest in their plight.