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Central Asia

Центральная Азия


Gaziza Baituova
23 Apr 14
Experts think government is losing confidence in its ability to win "information war".
Khurshed Duraksh
23 Jan 14
Zayd Saidov. (Photo: Elita magazine)
Humairo Bakhtiyor, Lola Olimova
8 Jan 14
Convicted of corruption and sexual offences, Zayd Saidov was arrested shortly after setting up an opposition party.
Shahodat Saibnazarova
15 Nov 13
Fire truck outside the Almaty market devastated by fire on September 13. (Photo: Alexandra Kazakova)
Stanislav Kraskov
25 Sep 13
Uninsured stallholders say they lost everything in devastating blaze.
Relatives at the grave of the 16-year-old who died after being assaulted at school in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo: Pavel Konovalov)
Nargiza Ryskulova
30 Aug 13
Abuse of fellow-pupils seen as part of wider culture of lawlessness and violence.
The UNFPA July conference that launched campaign to prevent teenage pregnancies. (Photo: UNFPA office, Kyrgyzstan)
Zarema Sultanbekova
9 Aug 13
Government hopes to combat teen pregnancy through programme of sex education in schools.
Pavel Dyatlenko
26 Apr 13
Membership of former Soviet bloc is as much about political alliances as about economics.
Sadunsho Janobalisho
16 Jan 13
Thousands of protesters gathered in Khorog on August 22 after the killing of a well-known local figure. (Photo: IWPR)
Lola Olimova
23 Aug 12
In Badakhshan, many believe local strongman was killed by special forces, though government denies involvement.