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Simon Jennings
Africa Editor

As Africa Editor, Simon oversees print and radio production for IWPR in Uganda, Kenya, the Sudans and the Democratic Republic of Congo. IWPR’s journalists across the region produce detailed analysis on conflict, justice and rule of law for both a local and international audience. Simon grew up in Sussex in south east England. He spent a year working in post-apartheid South Africa in 1999 and has since managed humanitarian projects in refugee camps for Sudanese and Congolese in northern Uganda. Simon has an MA in Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh and after studying journalism as a postgraduate at City University, London, he worked as a junior editor at the China Daily newspaper in Beijing. He began at IWPR in November 2007 as a reporter on the ICTY/western Balkans project, based in The Hague. In 2009 Simon became the producer of IWPR’s ‘Facing Justice’ radio programme in northern Uganda. Along with a team of Darfuri journalists, he has also produced the Fi al Mizan, a weekly investigative radio slot on justice issues in Darfur.

Stories by the author

Simon Jennings
19 May 11
Simon Jennings
27 Apr 11
Representatives of the African Union, United Nations, and the Government of the Sudan meet in Addis Ababa to discuss the UNAMID mission in Darfur. (Photo: UN Photo/Olivier Chassot)
Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow
19 Apr 11
Governments that pay for humanitarian effort must act to curb interference by Khartoum.
Simon Jennings
8 Mar 11
The Security Council’s referral of Libya to the Hague court highlights the limitations of international justice.
Commentators doubt whether the Kenyan parliament has the political will to pass legislation authorising the creation of a local tribunal to try those linked with the 2007 electoral violence. (Photo: mwanasimba/Flickr)
Blake Evans-Pritchard, Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow
10 Jan 11
Nairobi says it wants to prosecute 2007 election violence suspects, but some suggest it's not up to the task.
UN peacekeepers distribute water to Darfuris. (Photo: UNAMID - Olivier Chassot)
Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow, Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa
7 Jan 11
Agencies said to be reluctant to confront Sudanese government about obstructions to humanitarian aid effort.
Simon Jennings
7 Dec 10
IWPR’s international justice reporter Simon Jennings looks at the International Criminal Court’s achievements since it was founded eight years ago and considers what challenges lie ahead.
A woman carries goods down a busy street in the town of Arua. (Photo: Pernille Baerendtsen)
Simon Jennings
25 Nov 10
Town on border between Uganda and Sudan enjoying something of a boom, but there could be trouble ahead.
ICC prosecutors allege that Khartoum has been blocking access to camps, delaying the release of nutrition surveys and ultimately delaying the delivery of food aid, all of which they say is further evidence of genocide by attrition. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran)
Tajeldin Abdhalla, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Katy Glassborow, Simon Jennings
19 Nov 10
ICC prosecutors say situation is further evidence of an ongoing genocide campaign in Darfur.
Experts say traditional forms of justice could help Darfuris resolve local disputes. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/Flickr)
Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings, Blake Evans-Pritchard
28 Sep 10
Some believe traditional ways of resolving disputes should be encouraged to assist with conflict resolution.