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Manana Vardiashvili

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Protesters in the Georgian capital calling for decriminalisation of marijuana. (Photo: Tamar Mirianashvili)
Manana Vardiashvili
11 Jun 13
Tough rules have landed thousands in jail for possessing small amounts in recent years.
Georgian wine is about to go on sale in Russia after a six-year absence. (Photo: IWPR staff)
Manana Vardiashvili
17 Apr 13
Six years on from blanket ban, Moscow is wondering whether wine from its southern neighbour might not be so bad after all.
Georgian health minister David Sergeenko (left). (Photo: Georgian health ministry website)
Manana Vardiashvili
9 Feb 13
Caucasian state's health budget too small to pay high cost of treatment.
Manana Vardiashvili
24 Jun 11
Legislation allows security services to delve into private web traffic without court’s sanction.
Manana Vardiashvili
22 Apr 11
Residents of economic blackspots say they’re losing out amid efforts to attract visitors to the regions.
Baking bread in the village of Gorelovka in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, southern Georgia. (Photo: Giorgi Kupatadze)
Manana Vardiashvili
17 Dec 10
Poorest on diet so meagre that experts warn of under-nourishment.
Manana Vardiashvili
1 Oct 10
The authorities have sought to help them since the Russian blockade, yet they continue to face serious problems.