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Lilit Arakelyan

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Lilit Makunts, head of the ruling My Step faction during the session of the National Assembly on March 31, 2020. (Photo: Parliament of Armenia)
Lilit Arakelyan
16 Apr 20
Civil society fears that new laws lack oversight and violate the confidentiality of personal data.
Session in Parliament of Armenia. (Photo: Parliament of Armenia)
Lilit Arakelyan
10 Feb 20
Can Yerevan regulate the information field without damaging freedom of speech?
Mountain scene in Mardakert, Nagorny Karabakh. (Photo: Gayane Mirzoyan)
Lilit Arakelyan, Nurgul Novruz
28 Aug 15
Despite win in Europe’s human rights courts, political stalemate is likely to draw out the process of paying reparations to families displaced by war.
Arman Sahakyan (right) in court with his lawyer Maro Khachaturyan. (Photo: Nor Serund)
Parandzem Avagyan, Lilit Arakelyan
15 May 15
Current laws ban racist and similar remarks, but not verbal attacks on LGBTI people.
Marat Atovmyan heads the non-government Yerevan Anti-Corruption Centre. (Photo: Media Centre, Yerevan)
Lilit Arakelyan
16 Apr 15
Reforms mean Anti-Corruption Council will include opposition and NGO representatives for the first time, but will still be led by the prime minister.
Tigran Yegoryan of the Europe in Law Association in Armenia. (Photo: Media Centre, Yerevan)
Lilit Arakelyan
25 Feb 15
President invalidates candidate selection amid allegations that process was flawed.
IWPR’s Yerevan office hosted a debate on pension reform on November 26. (Photo: IWPR)
Lilit Arakelyan
1 Dec 14
As government dithers, university staff leave their posts.
Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, a village in Armenia’s Tavush region close to the border with Azerbaijan. (Photo: Nazik Armenakyan)
Lilit Arakelyan
24 Nov 14
People living close to the border with Azerbaijan question government initiative intended to boost business in their areas.
Lilit Arakelyan
5 Sep 14
Government decides to draw more water from already overstretched resources.
Dr Asya Mardanyan, head of the family medicine centre in Tavush region. (Photo: Lilit Arakelyan)
Lilit Arakelyan
30 Jul 14
Health ministry plans new strategy to tackle high rates of malnourishment among under-fives.