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Inga Sikorskaya

Inga Sikorskaya
Senior Editor, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Inga Sikorskaya joined IWPR in 2006 for the launch of News Briefing Central Asia, and is now senior editor for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. She leads IWPR’s reporting from these closed authoritarian states, and manages relationships with reporters and civil society activists there. A career journalist, Inga worked as a TV and radio reporter, freelance journalist and media consultant before coming to IWPR.

Stories by the author

Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Aida Kasymalieva, Inga Sikorskaya, Anara Yusupova
18 Nov 09
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has relocated next door to Tajikistan, though analysts doubt it will move back into Central Asia.
Inga Sikorskaya
18 Sep 09
IWPR report said to help identify pressing issues in development of civil society in Turkmenistan.
Inga Sikorskaya
10 Jul 09
Authorities want capacity to shift gas to market from giant field, but many proposed export routes currently look less than viable.
Inga Sikorskaya
26 May 09
Report raises questions about why Uzbek government is cracking down on Turkish Islamic group.
Inga Sikorskaya
21 Apr 09
Turkmen readers hear about legal improvements from IWPR before their own government tells them.
Inga Sikorskaya
4 Feb 09
Will President Medvedev succeed in restoring Tashkent’s pro-Moscow orientation?
Inga Sikorskaya
29 Oct 08
European officials speak of progress three days after independent journalist gets ten-year jail term.
Inga Sikorskaya
28 Apr 08
Moving away from a system where prices and exchange rates are held at unrealistic levels by government is going to be a slow and difficult process.
Inga Sikorskaya
30 Oct 07
European foreign ministers accused of placing energy interests over human rights.