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Inga Sikorskaya

Inga Sikorskaya
Senior Editor, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Inga Sikorskaya joined IWPR in 2006 for the launch of News Briefing Central Asia, and is now senior editor for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. She leads IWPR’s reporting from these closed authoritarian states, and manages relationships with reporters and civil society activists there. A career journalist, Inga worked as a TV and radio reporter, freelance journalist and media consultant before coming to IWPR.

Stories by the author

Ҳуқуқ ҳимоячиси Надежда Отаева. (Н. Отаеванинг фотосурати)
Inga Sikorskaya
16 May 11
Inga Sikorskaya
15 Mar 11
Blocking of IWPR website latest reflection of Tashkent’s fear of free-flowing information.
Two women journalists in Tashkent protest against censorship on state TV and radio. (Photo: IWPR)
Inga Sikorskaya
25 Feb 11
An IWPR reporting service covering Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan provides rare snapshots about how people live in these isolated states.
As in Niazov’s time, Turkmenistan is a one-party police state with no independent media. (Photo: Martijn Munneke/Flickr)
Omar Seljuk, Inga Sikorskaya
17 Feb 11
Four years after new president promised change, dissenting voices continue to be stamped out.
IWPR training conducted by Dr Rovshan Ibragimov, the director of the Energy Research Centre in the Azeri capital Baku. (Photo: IWPR)
Inga Sikorskaya
12 Jan 11
IWPR reporters gain specialist knowledge of energy field as part of training for news analysis service.
President Islam Karimov is always one step ahead of any challenge to his unassailable position. (Photo: José Cruz/Agência Brasil)
Inga Sikorskaya
16 Dec 10
Changes appear to diminish president’s powers, but are intended to secure his long-term political position and fend off any hint of challenge.
Alisher Kholdarov, Kamilla Abdullaeva, Inga Sikorskaya
17 Nov 10
Local groups back international calls for new post dedicated to protecting human rights defenders.
Inga Sikorskaya
12 Nov 10