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Some of the tens of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) arrive by truck with their few possessions at a Darfur camp. (Photo: UN/Olivier Chassot)
13 Dec 10
Concerns that international focus on referendum may be exploited by Khartoum to put squeeze on Darfuris.
The On the Scale team: From Left to Right, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow and Tajeldin Abdhalla Adam
30 Nov 10
More than a million people in Darfur and Chad tune in to weekly justice radio programme.
ICC prosecutors allege that Khartoum has been blocking access to camps, delaying the release of nutrition surveys and ultimately delaying the delivery of food aid, all of which they say is further evidence of genocide by attrition. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran)
19 Nov 10
ICC prosecutors say situation is further evidence of an ongoing genocide campaign in Darfur.
Sudanese journalist Abdelrahman was detained in Khartoum on October 30 2010. (Photo: IWPR)
Editorial Comment
17 Nov 10
Detention of journalist underlines the grave risks Sudanese media face in trying to maintain their independence.
2 Nov 10
Activist working for a Dutch-based radio station broadcasting to Sudan is among a group of campaigners detained in Khartoum.
Editorial Comment
4 Oct 10
Worrying signs that Omar al-Bashir’s regime is not taking the south’s bid for independence seriously.
Experts say traditional forms of justice could help Darfuris resolve local disputes. (Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/Flickr)
28 Sep 10
Some believe traditional ways of resolving disputes should be encouraged to assist with conflict resolution.
Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir was able to travel to Chad and Kenya without the authorities in either country attempting to arrest him.
3 Sep 10
Experts think sanctions unlikely against countries that fail to act on International Criminal Court indictment.
3 Sep 10
Sudanese leader’s visit to Nairobi sends worrying signal about whether Kenya will cooperation with investigations into post-election violence.