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21 Oct 08
Refugee children get opportunity to pursue their studies under agreement between Kampala and South Sudan.
6 Oct 08
Critics point out major flaws in new judicial body – an apparent attempt to circumvent International Criminal Court.
30 Sep 08
Allowing president to reconvene parliament before leadership negotiations conclude seen by some as mistake.
30 Sep 08
Zimbabwean president’s past improvements to education system now under threat.
25 Sep 08
Opposition accusing Mugabe of trying to give them insignificant ministries.
25 Sep 08
World Bank withholds further funding for development in northern Uganda as corruption investigation continues.
23 Sep 08
Bulawayo residents forced to endure unsanitary conditions due to continued electricity rationing.
23 Sep 08
Media workers hope MDC inclusion in government will usher in new era of freedom of expression in country.
16 Sep 08
Official departs from government policy of total rejection of international war crimes court.