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Global Voices

19 Jan 09
Calls grow for halt to military campaign against Ugandan rebels.
16 Jan 09
As the situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate, civil society groups are planning to make their voices heard.
14 Jan 09
International media angered by huge hike in accreditation fees.
14 Jan 09
Soaring fees and teacher exodus threaten education of Zimbabwe’s children.
14 Jan 09
Analysts say a face-to-face meeting could salvage the stalled power-sharing deal.
13 Jan 09
Despite government denials that economy has been “dollarised”, local currency virtually unacceptable as legal tender.
8 Jan 09
They warn outbreak could get worse, as rainwater washes human excrement into open drains of stricken slums.
24 Dec 08
Contested oil-rich region may trigger renewed conflict between north and south.
22 Dec 08
They say an ICC probe would deter further attacks on the internal refugee camp.
17 Dec 08
Mugabe gazettes constitutional amendment legitimising new authorities, but MDC says they never gave the go-ahead.