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The market in Gidel, in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Picture from 2012. (Photo: Ilona Eveleens)
11 Jun 15
Local reporters contribute to making shows relevant, and “listener groups” help make sure they are.
Fifteen AU states need to ratify the treaty before the court can be set up. (Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
26 Jul 14
Granting top officials immunity from prosecution is likely to restrict Western donor support.
Women selling bread at a market in Wau, South Sudan. (Photo: Simon Jennings)
15 Oct 12
Listeners call in to local radio stations after series on women’s rights starts airing.
Sudan risks further conflict if claims over the disputed region of Abyei are not resolved. (Photo: UN Photo/Stuart Price)
11 Oct 12
Recent thaw in relations between Khartoum and South Sudan could be reversed without rapid territorial solution for contested region.
View of Khartoum, Sudan. (Photo:  Violetta Polese)
12 Jul 12
Protest participants “aware, angry and hungry”, but formal attempts at consolidate leadership fail to add momentum.
View of Khartoum, Sudan. (Photo:  Violetta Polese)
22 Jun 12
President under increasing pressure as student protests gather pace, but opposition forces still lack coherence.
Refugees from Darfur at the Iridimi camp in Chad, 2004. (Photo: UN multimedia)
29 May 12
Budget constraints and poor security on the ground reduce opportunities to engage with refugees and war victims in Chad.
Displaced people returning home in Darfur under UNHCR's voluntary programme. (Photo: UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran)
22 Mar 12
Despite peace agreement and UN backing, many say it is not yet safe to go home.
Editorial Comment
20 Mar 12
Region is struggling to address numerous social and health crisis, and goading rebel group into retaliation could be disastrous.
28 Feb 12
Concerns about unfair targeting of young people from western region.