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Soad El-Rgaig says she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her family in the city of Benghazi, now in the hands of the rebels. (Photo: Gordontour/Flickr)
First Person
25 Feb 11
Longtime Libyan exile in London worries about friends and family and recalls a recent “horrific” visit to her homeland.
Protesters in Minneapolis: the Libyan diaspora is rallying in support of the revolution. (Photo: Kara Allyson/Flickr)
25 Feb 11
Leading figure in the movement rejects suggestions that tribal divisions could turn into open conflict.
Some of the thousands of Egyptian migrant workers who fled the Libyan violence. (Photo: Lina Atallah)
First Person
24 Feb 11
Thousands of Egyptian economic migrants caught up in the Libyan revolution are streaming back into Egypt, worried that the violence across the border is going to get worse.
Many Arab commentators said Qaddafi appeared seriously disturbed during his televised speech, while others said mockingly that he should be on a comedy show.
23 Feb 11
The Arab world has at once ridiculed the Libyan leader’s bizarre TV appearances and been appalled by the brutal suppression of his people.


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