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Global Voices

Rebel fighters outside Bin Jawad, March  2011. (Photo: Nasser Nouri)
25 Jan 12
Progress needed on security, economy and governance to dispel unhappiness with transitional authorities.
A rebel fighter near the town of Bin Jawad, March 2011. This man has a Belgian-made rifle taken from the Libyan military rather than the more usual Kalashnikov. The new government will struggle to gather in all the firearms now in private hands. (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
21 Dec 11
Efforts to secure weapons continue but interim rulers face uphill struggle to disarm population.
IWPR Insight
8 Nov 11
Interests of justice seem to have suffered from overarching desire to remove regime figures from power.
The Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Bayda. What role will Islamists play in a post-Gaddafi Libya?
21 Oct 11
From moderates to radical jihadists, Islamic groups need to buy into democratic process, leading analyst says.
Libyans say that if Gaddafi had been captured alive, he would have continued to create problems.
First Person
21 Oct 11
Exultant Libyans say they feel reborn following the killing of Gaddafi who for so long cast a dark shadow over so many of his people.
Caricature depicting a bloodthirsty Gaddafi in Al-Bayda - but now the rebels are being accused of human rights violations. (Photo: ليبي صح/Wikimedia)
13 Sep 11
Rights organisations urge interim Tripoli authority to curb reported abuses and commit to fair system of justice.
Life slowly returning to normal in Tripoli following overthrow of Gadaffi regime. (Photo: Pany Goff/Wikimedia)
12 Sep 11
She describes wartime months of paranoia, fear and resistance in Tripoli.
A rebel combatant heads down a road in eastern Libya, March 2011. Many Libyan expatriates are now planning their own homecomings.  (Photo: Nasser Nouri/Flickr)
24 Aug 11
Exiles prepare to go back to visit family and help rebuild country.
24 Aug 11
Basic medical supplies needed as fight for control of Libyan capital continues.
Muammar Gaddafi has become the butt of humour as fear of him subsides in Libya. (Photo: Crethi Plethi/Flickr)
23 Aug 11
Tripoli residents celebrate with “Zenga Zenga” song from viral web clip.