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Global Voices

22 Jul 10
After poor showing in elections last year, it seeks to present a united front.
19 Jul 10
State broadcaster rejects accusations it backs government line.
7 May 10
Defence ministry trying to check all lists of veterans compiled during the 1992-93 war.
13 Mar 10
Territory unites to mourn Ardzinba, though divisions remain. By Anaid Gogoryan in Sukhum
9 Mar 10
An IWPR journalist, allowed into Gori on a Russian tank, witnesses exultant pro-Moscow fighters rampaging through the blazing city.
9 Mar 10
Following recognition by Moscow, Abkhaz leadership to seek full international acceptance.
8 Mar 10
Activists say more should be done to preserve historic structures in remote valley.
20 Feb 10
But some worry that offshore wells may harm tourism.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
A year after Georgian prime minister's mysterious death, the official explanation for the cause continues to be questioned.
8 Jan 10
Doubts expressed over limited aviation link following 2008 war.