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10 Apr 14
Critics of an already cautious scheme warn that allowing outsiders to buy homes carries unseen risks.
Children play on the stairs in the Bagebi dormitory; they have no other place to go. (Photo: Mark Rafaelov)
Photo Essay
24 Feb 14
What was meant as temporary refuge has become home to people who fled Abkhazia two decades ago.
 Executive council of the Georgian National Olympic Committee. (Photo: Georgian Olympic Committee)
24 Oct 13
Government faces resistance as it insists boycotting the games would be worse than going.
19 Sep 13
Mountain villagers take over disused army base because their own homes are falling apart.
Houses in the village of Dranda built for Abkhaz refugees from Syria: (Photo: Nizfa Arshba)
29 Aug 13
Five hundred diaspora members have arrived so far.
Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. (Photo: government.ru)
22 Aug 13
Russian prime minister talks of improving relations five years after 2008 war, but makes it clear there will be no compromise on key issues.
15 Jul 13
Refugees from past wars navigate path between adapting to life where they are, and their hopes of returning home one day.
The Georgian authorities are providing accommodation for refugees in areas outside the capital, here in the village of Vaziani. (Photo: Georgian refugees ministry)
4 Mar 13
New government postpones deadline for providing proper housing to people displaced by past conflicts.
Georgian parliament. (Photo: Akhali Gazeti newspaper)
7 Feb 13
As new administration seeks thaw with Moscow, president’s people want pro-West, anti-Russia clauses written into constitution.