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World Press Freedom Day


Azerbaijani reporter Seymur Hezi. (Photo courtesy of S. Hezi)
Shahla Sultanova
3 May 13
Reporters blackmailed, threatened and attacked as government clamps down further ahead of presidential election.
Cyber cafe in Kenya. (Photo: Giorgio Montersino/Flickr)
Judie Kaberia, Nzau Musau
3 May 13
Was enough done to counter incitement and intimidation online during recent elections?
Alexander Kharlamov. (Photo: A. Kharlamov's page on Moy Mir)
Andrei Grishin
3 May 13
Concerns that hate speech laws are being used to silence anti-corruption campaigner and other government critics.
An Iraqi journalist from Alsumaria TV interviews a construction contractor in Baghdad, May 2009. (Photo: James Selesnick/US Army/WikiCommons)
Laith Hammoudi
2 May 13
Despite ongoing violence, some reporters argue that excessive security checks stop them getting the story.
Newspapers on sale in a market in Turkmenistan's capital Ashgabat. (Photo: IWPR)
Inga Sikorskaya
2 May 13
More than two decades after independence, press freedom remains stifled in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Newspaper seller in Kabul. (Photo: Mina Habib)
Mina Habib, Hafizullah Gardesh
2 May 13
Experts offer sharply opposing views on progress since 2001.