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Vojvodina Special

Darko Sper
13 Jan 06
Bid to halt demographic trend that threatens to cut local population by half a million before 2050.
Robert Vizi
13 Jan 06
Poverty, changes in ethnic structure and unresolved legacy of the wars of the 1990s changes atmosphere for the worse.
Vladimir Cvorkov
13 Jan 06
As businessmen from the old northwest of Yugoslavia become active players in the Serbian market, bigger concerns from the EU are following their example.
Petar Klaic
13 Jan 06
Thanks to a proactive and business-friendly local administration, Indjija is becoming a magnet for entrepreneurs.
Zaklina Zoldos
13 Jan 06
Project aimed at tackling this taboo theme has got off to a good start, but without more funding it is likely to falter.
Marinika Ciobanu
13 Jan 06
Electoral necessity results in strange local coalitions, with even extreme right-wing parties bringing minorities into their fold.