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Remembering Andijan

Holmuhamed Sobirov
19 May 06
Voices from Andijan speak about the continuing repression designed to stifle any debate on the May 2005 killings.
Sanobar Shermatova
15 May 06
While conspiracy theories are still the order of the day for public consumption, a Moscow-based commentator argues that Uzbek officials have realised that popular dissent has domestic roots.
Valentina Kasymbekova
13 May 06
Opposition parties fail to reach consensus on fielding a common candidate in November’s presidential election.
Babur Anvarov
13 May 06
Anyone who thought the government would ease off after Andijan is dead wrong, argues an Uzbekistan-based analyst.
Cholpon Orozobekova
13 May 06
Kyrgyzstan reels as a leading political figure with alleged underworld links is shot down in the street.