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Profiles of Candidates

Amanullah Narsat
1 Sep 06
Abdul Hafiz Mansoor is chief editor of the Tajik faction's newspaper, but he has fallen out with many in his own political camp.
Amanullah Nasrat
1 Sep 06
Dr Abdul Satar Sirat, a former adviser to King Zahir Shar and an Islamic scholar, is campaigning as a symbol of national unity.
Suhaila Muhsini
1 Sep 06
Former guerrilla leader survived Taleban death threats to stand in the current election.
Danish Karokhel
1 Sep 06
Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq is a prominent politician but will have to work hard to live down his past role in factional strife.
Mohammad Qaseem
1 Sep 06
With little money to wage a campaign, the independent candidate is relying on word-of-mouth to win voters' support.
IWPR staff
1 Sep 06
The candidate and his running mate say international troops are still needed to provide security in the capital.
Hafizullah Gardish
1 Sep 06
President Hamed Karzai is tipped to win - but will the poll be fair?
Suhaila Musheni
1 Sep 06
Abdul Latif Pedram comments on marital issues and federalism have sparked sharp debate.