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Profiles of Candidates

Hafizullah Gardish
1 Sep 06
The controversial commander Abdul Rashid Dostum has little chance of winning votes outside his own constituency.
Said Habib
1 Sep 06
Massouda Jalal touts her independence as solution to the country’s problems.
Abdul Baseer
1 Sep 06
A formidable boxer and political newcomer seeks the presidency as an independent.
IWPR staff
1 Sep 06
A veteran of Afghan wars and politics, Younis Qanuni is closely identified with the Panjshiri political grouping.
Abdul Jamil
1 Sep 06
Candidate promises to tackle what he sees as pervasive corruption and abuse of power.
Mohammed Israr
1 Sep 06
Although he has never been involved in politics, Abdul Hadi Khalilzai says voters will be attracted to his years of service to the nation.
Amanullah Nasrat
1 Sep 06
The former author and magazine editor emphasises a strong central government and implementation of the constitution in his campaign.
Suhaila Muhsini
1 Sep 06
Former policeman promises clean government and rights for women, but hasn't the money to fund his election campaign.
Abdulbasir Saeed
1 Sep 06
Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai is a man with a mission - to place Islamic values at the forefront of a future Afghan government.
Mohammad Karim
1 Sep 06
The physician turned presidential candidate says he has been working with all parts of Afghan society.