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Katanga Trial Coverage

Anjana Sundaram
10 Nov 10
Court hears disturbing details of sexual abuse by soldiers during Bogoro attack.
Anjana Sundaram
29 Oct 10
Alleged contradictions in prosecution witness’s account of events around Bogoro attack probed.
Anjana Sundaram
15 Oct 10
Prosecution witness says Katanga intended to undermine efforts by Hema and Lendu to strengthen links.
Anjana Sundaram
5 Oct 10
Court told first encounter between armed groups allegedly led by Katanga and Ngudjolo was after the assault.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
8 Mar 10
Trial disrupted by new information from prosecution witness linking the two accused to Bogoro.
Emily Ponder
26 Feb 10
Witness recounts how child soldiers wielding spears looted Ituri village.
19 Feb 10
Trial hears of prelude to raid on Ituri village, in which scores were killed.
12 Feb 10
A prosecution witness describes assault on town, just days after Bogoro raid.
9 Feb 10
Witness tells of meeting about control of supply line along which village was located.