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A student at Qadisiyah University in Diwaniya takes a drag from a cigarette in front of an anti-smoking sign that reads "Cigarettes are a deadly enemy". A recent ban on smoking in the province's government offices has been criticised by locals. (Photo: Imad al-Khuzaei)
Imad al-Khuzaei
21 Jul 10
Residents say officials should prioritise services rather than anti-smoking initiative.
New rules are in place in Diyala, seeking to ensure mosques to do not preach violence. (Photo: Ali Mohammed)
Ali Mohammed
21 Jul 10
Diyala authorities introduce controversial rules to curb incendiary sermons.
Uthman al-Mukhtar
21 Jul 10
Hundreds being imported, with locals viewing them as more reliable than security guards.
Animal rights campaigners and Baghdad residents have expressed concern over the local government's campaign to rid the capital of its stray dogs. (Photo: Ali Kareem)
Ali Kareem
15 Jul 10
But authorities say there’s no other way of ridding the city of the menace.
Khaldon Hamid
15 Jul 10
Detention of cleric for pro-Saddam action seen as violation of his freedom of speech.