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Investigative Reports, Afghanistan

Abdul Maqsud Azizi
2 Aug 12
Even public servants turn to alternative courts in the belief they are swifter and more honest than state judiciary.
Ajmal Wesal
31 Jul 12
Authorities have little control over chemists’ shops in Uruzgan, undermining faith in the health sector.
Sayed Samiullah Sayidi
23 May 12
IWPR investigation reveals children trapped in unending bonded labour to pay off loans.
Khan Mohammad Danishju
1 May 12
Donors gave more than one million dollars in funding and materials, but paper trail for where this went proves elusive.
Hamed Mehri
30 Apr 12
Street sellers say they have to pay daily bribes to city officials if they want to continue working.
Gulab Shah Bawer
30 Apr 12
Medicines provided by international donors go missing and turn up on the open market.
29 Mar 12
Millions of dollars spent on staff who don’t turn up for work.
Nur Agha Nuri
1 Mar 12
Latest survey suggests Marco Polo sheep numbers have risen.
Najibullah Danish
22 Feb 12
Investigation suggests fatalities from drinking stagnant or polluted water are much higher than officials admit.
Helal Ershad
22 Feb 12
Most households have at least one unlicensed weapon, despite government efforts to call them in and curb deadly feuds.