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The Infodemic

Disinformation, fake news and propaganda are emerging as among the most powerful threats of the modern age. Facilitated by new forms of media and spread by governments and non-state actors alike, these potent tools have far-reaching consequences for human rights and media freedoms around the world.

IWPR’s global networks of reporters, activists and rights defenders are working to document, expose and build resilience to this growing danger.


Nino Chibchiuri
29 Jul 20
Analysts say the Kremlin is trying to highlight the West’s apparent failure to help its allies.
President Dodon met with the head of Moldovan Metropolitan Church, Vladimir on 15 July 2020. (Photo:
Madalin Necsutu
28 Jul 20
Religious institutions appear to amplify Russian propaganda as crisis mounts.
18 Jul 20
Website to provide multimedia training and resources for fact-checking and investigations.
(Photo: Freepik)
24 Jun 20
Expert event to explore the impact of Covid-19 misinformation across Africa.
9 Jun 20
Open access social media survey reflects fear and confusion over misinformation.
Mayli Estévez, Katia Monteagudo
3 Jun 20
Alternative therapy distributed as “protective” measure against the virus.
(Photo: Freepik)
IWPR Central Asia
13 May 20
The authorities have struggled to maintain trust in their narratives over the pandemic.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks to the media. (Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)
Anthony Borden
3 May 20
Why free and fair journalism is also a key part of the battle against coronavirus.
An ambulance arrives with a patient to the Infectious Diseases and AIDS Centre. (Photo: Nika Vetsko/IWPR)
Nika Vetsko
10 Mar 20
Kremlin believed to be fuelling social media efforts to stoke paranoia.