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The Infodemic

Disinformation, fake news and propaganda are emerging as among the most powerful threats of the modern age. Facilitated by new forms of media and spread by governments and non-state actors alike, these potent tools have far-reaching consequences for human rights and media freedoms around the world.

IWPR’s global networks of reporters, activists and rights defenders are working to document, expose and build resilience to this growing danger.


Protestors rally at the Michigan State Capitol. (Photo: Sarah Rice/Getty Images)
Anthony Borden
29 Sep 20
US politicians should take heed: fracturing a society is far easier than healing it.
The Bridge over the Nistru river. (Photo: Aurel Obreja)
Victoria Rosa
26 Aug 20
Systematic disinformation accuses Chisinau of imposing an economic and humanitarian blockade.
Luke Harding, author and former Guardian Moscow correspondent. (Photo: Courtesy of L. Harding)
Vazha Tavberidze
25 Aug 20
A state of continuous semi-war has served the Kremlin well.
Petru Macovei, the executive director of the Association of Independent Press of Moldova, in his interview with Piotr Garciu. (Photo: Piotr Garciu)
Piotr Garciu
25 Aug 20
Poor media literacy allows pro-Kremlin narratives and political distortions to flourish
Gulshat Asylbayeva, main initiator of the draft law. (Photo: Kyrgyz parliament's official website
Mariya Zozulya
12 Aug 20
Draft law would allow authorities to block websites deemed to contain inaccurate information, with no need for a court ruling.
Gulnur Kazimova
12 Aug 20
Officials obscure systemic failings – aided by an uncritical media.
Doctors at work at Pando Ferrer hospital in Havana, Cuba. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Asier Andrés
7 Aug 20
Is it true that Washington’s policies have left Cubans both sick and hungry?
Ashot Melikyan, Head of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression. (Photo: Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression)
Gayane Mkrtchyan
6 Aug 20
Disinformation – sometimes spread by medical experts - has become a serious public health threat.
Richard Giragosian, Director of the Regional Studies Center, at a conference in Tbilisi, Georgia organised by the Strategic Policy Institute. (Photo: Strategic Policy Institute)
Manya Israyelyan
3 Aug 20
Experts say that a virtual war of words increasingly accompanies the conflict.
Nino Chibchiuri
29 Jul 20
Analysts say the Kremlin is trying to highlight the West’s apparent failure to help its allies.