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Bemba Trial Coverage

Wairagala Wakabi
19 Apr 11
Expert witness says rape was used during the conflict in CAR as a weapon of war.
Wairagala Wakabi
8 Apr 11
Court hears legal immunity meant that allegations against Congolese leader were never brought to court.
Wairagala Wakabi
4 Apr 11
Bemba’s lawyers challenge assertion that CAR nationals would have recognised DRC soldiers by the way they spoke.
Wairagala Wakabi
29 Mar 11
Bemba team contends his troops were not in CAR when many of abuses took place.
Wairagala Wakabi
21 Mar 11
Witness said they scared people from their homes, claiming Bemba’s soldiers were going to attack them.
Wairagala Wakabi
8 Mar 11
Witness speaks of attack on cattle market close to CAR capital in which many died.
Wairagala Wakabi
28 Feb 11
Witness claims that militia commanders did not reprimand troops over offences.
Wairagala Wakabi
7 Feb 11
Courts told that looted property that was too heavy to be carried away was destroyed.
Wairagala Wakabi
31 Jan 11
ICC trial hears how abuses by Congolese troops diminished after the accused spoke to them.
Wairagala Wakabi
21 Jan 11
Prosecution witness says she tested positive for HIV after 2002 attack.