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Afghan Election Updates 2009

Hafizullah Gardesh
25 Nov 09
Election commission officials call for second round of voting, but time, weather, and security are against them.
Mustafa Saber, Mohammad Ishaq, Aziz Ahmad Tassal
9 Nov 09
Majority seem relieved they will not have to take part in second round of voting.
Hafizullah Gardesh
3 Nov 09
One week before second round of troubled presidential elections, both candidates are engaging in potentially dangerous brinkmanship.
Mohammad Shafi Ferozi
29 Oct 09
Many residents say the fraud and intimidation that marred the first round has put them off taking part in the second.
Ahmad Kawoosh
2 Oct 09
Residents of Balkh province braced for violence as two prominent figures square off over the elections.
Mohammad Shafe
2 Oct 09
Locals so angry and disappointed by electoral fraud, many say they will not vote if ballot goes to second round.
Mohammad Ilyas
29 Sep 09
As post-election agony continues, Helmandis are increasingly disillusioned with their government - and with democracy itself.
Sharon Thiruchelvam
4 Sep 09
Papers report on alleged fraud, illegal block-voting, intimidation and bribery in the run-up to ballot.
4 Sep 09
As the vote count trickles on, complaints have grown to a flood.
Shapoor Saber, Abdul Latif Sahak, Samiullah Ghushtoon
1 Sep 09
Witnesses tell of ballot-box stuffing, gifts for votes and intimidation in election.