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Photo: Kyrgyz police uniform caps. (Photo: Tabyldy Kadyrbekov, news agency)
27 Jan 17
Teenagers are left traumatised, with little recourse to official complaint.
Нигина Бахриева возглавляет Коалицию НПО против пыток в Таджикистане. (Фото из архива Н. Бахриевой)
25 Apr 16
Hopes that new legislation will help change culture of impunity.
24 Aug 15
"My brother Ali emerged stronger than ever."
Protesters stream through Tbilisi in September 2012 after TV showed video of prison abuses. (Photo: Tinatin Lataria)
20 Oct 14
Mistreatment continues although some experts say it is no longer systemic.
28 Feb 14
Recent death in detention highlights routine use of torture against suspects.
30 Jan 14
Human rights groups act on behalf of frightened victims.
Ghazni provincial governor Musa Khan Akbarzada. (Photo: US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan/Flickr)
Investigative Report
29 Nov 13
Governor says he’s powerless to stop abuses and extortion by armed men.
Kyrgyzstan's central prosecution service premises in Bishkek. (Photo: Kyrgyz prosecutor's office)
12 Oct 13
Limited success in combating violence in detention as culture of impunity persists.
30 Aug 13
Former detainee's account of interrogation and torture.