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Rule of Law


Street in Shagan. (Photo: Aynur Elgunesh)
21 Feb 14
They have proof they paid for their land, but the authorities say official documents don't mean a thing.
Mirzabey Mirzayev says his land was seized to build a holiday resort. (Photo: Gular Mehdizade)
8 Feb 14
Progress slow in legal challenge to state takeover of farms to build prestige project.
Panelists at an IWPR round table on the Bosnian census, held on December 20 in Sarajevo. (Photo: IWPR)
28 Jan 14
Experts say the process was manipulated to suit political ends and stir ethnic tensions.
24 Jan 14
Highest appeals court disputes ombudsman’s findings, and insists bribery is punished, not encouraged.
Experts say a number of hurdles need to be overcome for Kony to be tried at Uganda's High Court. (Photo: Simon Jennings)
23 Jan 14
Experts consider steps needed to bring rebel chief before local war crimes court.
Princess India D'Afghanistan. (Photo: IWPR)
16 Jan 14
At 84, daughter of King Amanullah still dedicated to humanitarian projects.
Armenian justice minister Hrayr Tovmasyan. (Photo: Photolure agency)
9 Jan 14
Government plans to reduce use of custody orders for suspects awaiting trial.
View of Pul-e Alam. (Photo: 1st Lt. John Severns, US Air Force/Wikimedia Commons)
Investigative Report
8 Jan 14
“I do what I want,” says Pul-e Alam mayor, as anti-corruption agency and regional governor say they are powerless to act on allegations.
Georgia's justice minister Tea Tsulukiani. (Photo: Georgian justice ministry).
22 Dec 13
Anger at government backtracking on pledge to review past convictions.