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Rule of Law


The movement holds its latest protest against the pension reform, Yerevan, April 12, 2014. (Photo: Photolure agency)
23 Apr 14
Confusion as constitutional judges rules that compulsory deductions are unlawful but then say they can continue for now.
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has sought to tackle several weaknesses in Kenya's justice system. (Photo: Ford Foundation/Flickr)
17 Apr 14
Recent dismissals further increase dissatisfaction with national justice system.
15 Apr 14
Renewed campaign on potentially far-reaching legal changes that are now before parliament.
The YanukovychLeaks team is posting thousands of financial documents online. This one shows payment for a top-of-the-range Mercedes. (Photo courtesy of YanukovychLeaks)
9 Apr 14
YanukovychLeaks journalists put political leaders past, present and future, on notice that no one is immune from scrutiny.
27 Mar 14
Arrival of new administration offers rare opportunity to tackle endemic corruption.
26 Mar 14
Rebel factions say they support court but want their own men on it.
Onlookers examine the damage caused by a blast at the Azerbaijani Popular Front’s headquarters in Baku. (Photo: Afgan Mukhtarli)
14 Mar 14
Popular Front party headquarters hit by “accidental” blast, followed by deliberate demolition on health and safety grounds.
Street in Shagan. (Photo: Aynur Elgunesh)
21 Feb 14
They have proof they paid for their land, but the authorities say official documents don't mean a thing.
Mirzabey Mirzayev says his land was seized to build a holiday resort. (Photo: Gular Mehdizade)
8 Feb 14
Progress slow in legal challenge to state takeover of farms to build prestige project.
Panelists at an IWPR round table on the Bosnian census, held on December 20 in Sarajevo. (Photo: IWPR)
28 Jan 14
Experts say the process was manipulated to suit political ends and stir ethnic tensions.